9/iun Tetelu, mesaj pentru Trump

Mr. President Trump, congratulations on having our president at the White House. It's a small step for Klohanis, but a huge step for the Romanians that are happy because americans give  planes, shields, hamburgers and porn movies for the people to reax. I give a fuck about Deveselu shield. Before Russians, Eskimos or Iranians bomb us, Romanians are being bombed from the inside by the stupid thieves called politicians. For them we ask an anti-stealing and anti-stupidity shield. I don't know if president Klohanis will have the balls to tell you, but I will, because I give a shit about it,  I have nothing to lose.

Dear Ronnald, I am crazy about your wife, and we have to include her in our strategic partnership, and also Kim Kardashian, Flory din Vaslui and Denise Rifai. They will be in a romanian-american  sexy calendar made by me. All our enemies will die pissed off when they'll see them and won't call for the war, they will only go to the toilet or in the shower with the posters and jerk off everywhere.

A strategic partnership, coming from me means that romanians and americans have to be like brothers: they have to share they're money, their beer and ther woman, also. Dear  Mr.President Trump, Romania must be the small America from the Europe. WE must have a direct highway to Washington, a subway and a bycicle track Bucharest-Washington so romanians can come to America on bicycle, without visa, straight to the pacanelele from Las Vegas. Regarding the fight against terrorism, for now, Romania can send to America a regiment of bakers with paddles and baskets. They will have instructions with FBI agent, will teach them how to handle properly a paddle and a basket right into the terrorists head. Our main guns-the paddle and the basket, are bigger than the FBI, CIA, NSA and all american secret agencies, useless with their information because they don't know hot to take action to fuck the terrorists. Mr.President Trump, Romania is deeply grateful that you receive our President, Mr.Klohanis at the White House. We are too inviting you to Bucharest, to taste our sarmalute, smollers and mamaliga and personnaly, I can promise you a completion massage with ending at the Flory din Vaslui salon.

God bless Romania, God bless America!

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